Visit to Visit Guidelines

International Nurse-Family Partnership Visit to Visit Guidlines

The NFP International Team is committed to developing and providing resources to assist countries in successfully implementing NFP. Please note, users downloading these resources are responsible for ensuring that they are adapted and updated if needed so that they are suitable for use within their context’ Please note the guidance documents should not be changed, however, countries may wish to adapt these for these for their own context in which case the title should be changed, to reflect this is now a country-specific document. Any use of the resources by an implementing agency is governed by that agency’s license agreement with the University of Colorado.

International Visit-to-Visit Guidelines





The Core and themed indexes used in FNP England , along with associated guidance documents, can be found here:

Contact if you would like to be sent any of the material after viewing the lists.


These documents list the facilitators used for each phase of the program (pregnancy, infancy and toddlerhood). If you would like to access any of the contents please contact the national team directly via

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