2024 NFP Global Research Webinar Series

Join us for this free webinar series to explore the most recent NFP research and findings across the globe.

The objectives of this webinar series are:


  1. To increase awareness of the evidence underpinning Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) programs globally.

  2. To demonstrate how the five-phase model for adapting and testing the NFP program has been implemented across the global NFP community.

  3. To facilitate the uptake of evidence into practice, policy, and education.

  4. To create a forum for knowledge exchange about the methods required to adapt, pilot, evaluate, or implement NFP.

Anyone interested in learning more about the evidentiary foundation underpinning the NFP program or involved in adapting, piloting, evaluating, or implementing the NFP program are invited to register. 

Please email anna.lindberg@cuanschutz.edu for more information. 

Upcoming webinars:

September 2024: Building Healthy Foundations: The Impact of the Nurse-Family Partnership on Maternal and Child biomarkers

Past webinars:

June 2024: Global Advancements in NFP Research & Implementation