Clinical Advisory Group

Clinical Advisory Group

Content relating to specific Clinical Advisory group meetings, including notes, presentation slides, and meeting recordings can be found below. Please reach out to Anna should you have any questions.

Jan 2023: Sensitive Enquiry and Response in FNP Practice

FNP Scotland presentation and slides (attached) on  ‘Sensitive Enquiry and Response in FNP Practice’.  Presenters – Marion McPhillips and Pamela Murray

March 2023: Innovative work being progressed in England FNP  around IPV and Neglect.

FNP England, Colleagues, Amanda Malthouse and Sarah Tyndall shared the innovative work being progressed in England FNP  around IPV and Neglect.

July 2023:  Core Model Element 4 Variance: Late Enrollment Canada

At the July ’23 CAG meeting, Ontario and British Columbia NFP colleagues Lindsay Crosswell and Karen Ramsay-Cline shared a presentation on their joint work around NFP gestational variance. 

September 2023:  Global Collaborative Guidance Group Discussion

Deirdre Webb and David discussed the basics regarding the Global Collaborative Guidance Group at the September CAG meeting. 

November 2023:

Symposium feedback and sharing experiences of NFP Nurses working in dual roles

Clinical leads from all countries shared their insights regarding nurses working in dual roles in their countries: challenges, strengths, etc. Gail also shared about the US NFP Symposium held in September.

January 2024:

We started the year by looking at what keeps us strong in the role: compassionate and able to support those who need us. A wide range of coping strategies and approaches were shared. We agreed not to record this CAG due to the sensitivity of what some of us shared . New ToR were discussed and feedback received. See the most recent version at the top of the page. All are encouraged to forward items for the next meeting.

March 2024

Review of recent task & finish group and updates on Global Collaborative Guidance Group