PIPE Education and Practice

International Nurse-Family Partnership PIPE Education and Resources

This page has been created to enable countries to share resources they have created or adapted to support high quality integration and use of Partners in Parenting Education (PIPE) (https://www.howtoreadyourbaby.org/pipe/) into the NFP program. The international team is grateful to all those who have generously shared their work so that all implementing countries can share and learn together. Please note, users downloading these resources are responsible for ensuring that they are adapted and updated if needed so that they are suitable for use within their context, and that they adhere to any copyright requirements and permissions granted.

PIPE Education

This PIPE video, created by the English FNP National Unit, was designed to; show the PIPE 4 step model, how PIPE changes in each phase of the programme and how it can be delivered as part of a home visit. It was not made to show expert practice but to show what can be achieved quite simply.

The video is in 3 parts:

The videos can be used by all implementing countries as part of NFP/FNP education.


The FNP Education team in NHS Education Scotland (NES), has created a number of videos to support the integration of PIPE into practice. The videos show NFP nurses role-playing various PIPE lessons and the lesson plans used are also provided here.

  • Emotional Refuling – This PIPE film simulates delivering a PIPE activity through an interpreter. This PIPE does not use a PIPE doll and the Family Nurse moves through each of the steps with the client. Password PIPE
  • Roadblock to Learning – This PIPE film simulates delivering a PIPE activity through an interpreter. This interpreter uses a form of simultaneous (“live”) interpreting. This PIPE is helpful is supporting clients to say “no” to their child is a positive way. Password PIPE

PIPE Education adapted for COVID-19

United States – NSO

PIPE Planning Packet 

Please see the new resource developed by the US which includes:

  • How PIPE fits in the Nursing Process
  • PIPE Planning Template Guidance
  • PIPE Planning Template
  • PIPE Tracking Form

 PIPE Resources