Norwegian community midwives’ experience of interdisciplinary collaboration in care of pregnant women with vulnerabilities

The aim of this study was to investigate Norwegian community midwives’ (CMs) experience of collaboration when caring for pregnant women with vulnerabilities.

In a review article, Schmied et al. describe two types of strategy employed by many countries to address the needs of vulnerable pregnant women [2]. One is a “whole-of-government strategy”, which involves all sectors and levels of government. A program resulting from this strategy is Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), developed in the USA and adapted to many countries, including Canada, England, Scotland, as Sure Start, Best Start and Families First. In Norway NFP is named “Sammen på vei” and is implemented in five geographical areas concentrated around the largest cities.

Read more of this paper, written by Silje Espejord, Sonja H. Auberg, Trine K. Kvitno, Christina Furskog-Risa, and Mirjam Lukasse here:


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