Randomized Clinical Trials of Nurse-Family Partnership An International Seminar Series

International Seminar Series

Randomized Clinical Trials of Nurse-Family Partnership: An International Seminar Series

We are pleased to announce an international online seminar series focused on the most recent results of randomized clinical trials of Nurse-Family Partnership conducted in varied contexts throughout the world.  As you know, we are committed to thoroughly developing the clinical and programmatic foundations of NFP and grounding policy and practice in the results of randomized trials.  None of this is easy, but the children and families we serve deserve programs that can make a difference in promoting their health, development and positive life chances.  This symposium is a platform to explore these challenges and opportunities using NFP as a foundation for this discussion. Recording of each seminar will be made available below.

Seminar Recordings

October 7, 2020

David Olds, PhD, University of Colorado

“Developing and Testing Nurse-Family Partnership:  Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Maternal and Child Health.”

October 27, 2020

Jamila Mejdoubi, PhD, Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History and Silvia van den Heijkant, MD, Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam Public Health Institute, Section Youth & Health.

“The Dutch NFP: VoorZorg and beyond”

January 13, 2021

Nicole Catherine, PhD, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada

“Prenatal Findings from the British Columbia Trial of Nurse Family Partnership, Healthy Connections.”

February 17, 2021

Michael Robling, PhD, Cardiff University

“The effectiveness and cost-consequences of the Family Nurse Partnership program for first-time mothers in England in reducing maltreatment and improving child health and development by age seven years: the BB:2-6 routine data-linkage study.”

November 3, 2021

Nancy Donelan-McCall, PhD, University of Colorado

“Maternal And Child Mortality: Analysis of Nurse Home Visiting In 3 RCTs”

Future Seminars

Andrea Gonzalez, PhD, McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

“The Impact of Nurse Family Partnership on Biomarkers in Mothers and their Infants: Preliminary Findings from the Healthy Foundations Study.”

Margaret McConnell, PhD, J-PAL, Harvard University

“A randomized controlled evaluation of the impact of participation in the Nurse Family Partnership on Birth Outcomes in South Carolina.“

Gabriella Conti, PhD, University College London

Will present results of an analysis of NFP effects on maternal and child obesity and hypertension among participants in the RCT conducted with a primarily African American sample living in very poor neighborhoods in Memphis, TN in the US.

Nicole Catherine, PhD , and Charlotte Waddell, MD, Simon Fraser University

Will report results of the BC Healthy Connections trial on maternal and child health through child age two.