Implementation Resources

International Nurse-Family Partnership Implementation Resources

The NFP International Team is committed to developing and providing resources to assist countries in successfully implementing NFP. Please note, users downloading these resources are responsible for ensuring that they are adapted and updated if needed so that they are suitable for use within their context’ Please note the guidance documents should not be changed, however, countries may wish to adapt these for these for their own context in which case the title should be changed, to reflect this is now a country-specific document. Any use of the resources by an implementing agency is governed by that agency’s license agreement with the University of Colorado.

International Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents from all Countries


The guidance documents posted below have been developed by the English FNP National Unit to provide support for NFP(FNP) teams in meeting a range of clinical situations


This document is used by Supervisors and Nurses in Scotland to support planning of individualized learning in underpinning areas of NFP practice such as maternal health, child development, child protection and health promotion

This capability and proficiency framwork was introduced in September 2020 to replace the competency frameword for family nurses/NFP nurses. Within this framework capability and proficiency are considered as part of a developmental continuum. 

This document was developed collaboratively to support local integration of the International Reflective Supervision Guidance in Scotland

United States – NSO

NSO Internal Documents Outlining their Position in Relation to Requests to Include Use of the ACEs Questionnaire in NFP 

Path to Nursing Excellence and use of Mastery Assessment Plans (MAPs)

Joan Barrett, with Kim Weber-Yorga, shared the ‘Path to Nursing Excellence’ – a new way to encourage and document NFP nurses’ growth and development that has been developed by the National Service Office. The approach is supported by a number of Mastery Assessment Plans (MAPs) that can be used to assess and record nurses’ growth over time within the program.